Can not repay loan | The credit can not be refunded

That they are unable to repay their loan. What do I do if I can not pay my balance? An amount that is, for example, taken up by direct money and repaid in up to six installments. Hello, I financed my studies with a Intrasavings loan. Job loss, illness, need for care in the family – life can always lead to unexpected additional costs.

Can not repay a balance? Help? Law firm (bank, insolvency, interest rate)

Can not repay a balance? Help? Law firm (bank, insolvency, interest rate)

You should visit a lawyer and get some good advice! Also catch up with a divorce council? The only thing that really helps here is to talk to the house bank, not someone else. However, if the bank finds out that there are any fake documents, then you have a very different problem area, because this can possibly be interpreted as forgery of documents.

If the repayment of a loan is no longer possible.

If the repayment of a loan is no longer possible.

The person claiming a loan must prove to the house bank income that repays the loan, including the resulting interest. A longer illness or an unemployed person can reduce the monthly budget in such a way that the monthly loan volume can no longer be increased. If you are unable to afford the installment payments at this time, you should contact the house bank as soon as possible to prevent harassment or even further expenses.

Namely, if you tell the house bank about the present insolvency, then there is the possibility to stop the payment and at a later time to take the payment again. Similarly, with the house bank, a reduction in the monthly rate while increasing the repayment term of the loan agreement be matched. Credit institutions are always anxious to get back their own capital and thus help a lot if the solvency of the client is currently diminished.

Even in the absence of the second tranche, the house bank namely claim to terminate the loan. It is called in that the house bank with the statement termination of the loan can demand the entire loan sum including running interest with at the same time the termination of the loan. In such a constellation, those who are in financial distress can quickly fall into the debt trap, so that a complete household budget can fail.

If the entire loan amount has not been paid by the borrower after the specified deadline, BuyNer is authorized to entrust collection agencies to collect the money. After a collapse of the credit agreement, which had to be terminated due to the failure to pay installments, the house bank will no longer make installment payments. â € œThe more the debtor is left to solve the problem, the closer the banks draw their symbolic loops.

The rescheduling of the burst credit is then no longer so straightforward possible, as dissociate in terms of granting credit to consumers with negative entries in the modeling by the Hungarian state authorities. It can only be a foreign loan without specifying the Hufa the anchor for the payment mother. In summary, a loan agreement in which the tariffs are not paid punctually, ig or at all, much more trouble, more expenses and a huge associated large part of the time required means punctually solving the following problems.

Therefore, the customer should always make every effort to obtain a loan in view of the installment payments on a regular basis.

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